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Adult and child clothing 
Socks & undies are easy to find!
Infant clothes
Small stacks don't fall over!
Towels and linens 
Keep them clean and organized!
One-handed convenience 
Carry up the stairs with your coffee at the same time!
On your shoulder
Remove from the basket and you're ready to go!
Holds its shape 
Full bag supports itself outside of the basket to put laundry away easily and quickly!
Holds more
Pile your laundry high above the rim of the basket and cinch closed to hold secure!
Fits larger baskets 
Simply drape the mesh over the outside of larger baskets and use drawstring to secure! 
  • Built-in dividers separate and secure small folded items from larger ones. No more searching for that pair of socks or favorite shirt!
  • Mesh, drawstring top secures your folded laundry and allows you to carry basket by one handle without everything tumbling out! Privacy from the mesh top is an added bonus
  • Great for carrying multiple loads up the stairs, organizing family members (with multiple bags), college kids to and from dorms and trips to the laundromat and back.
  • Patent-pending bag lines most standard baskets. Drape mesh top over lip and secure with drawstring for larger baskets.
No more searching for, refolding or reorganizing your laundry basket!